Picture of the landscape surrounding Svåheia, with windmills and logos of SEAS and UiA

The signing of our five-year cooperation agreement with the University of Agder is the result of an extended dialogue, and initial discussions about the possibility of collaborating started already in March of this year. Since then, we have actively worked together with UiA to create an agreement that will be mutually beneficial to both organizations over the coming years. UiA has a longstanding and prestigious tradition of involving both public and private actors in its endeavours and societal mandates, and we are delighted to have been accepted as an official collaborative partner with the university’s School of Business and Law and the Faculty of Engineering and Science.

Why have we joined this cooperative partnership? The University of Agder is a resourceful and competent institution that is spearheading several critical challenges within the field of sustainable and transitional technologies, many of which align with our own projects and future ambitions. UiA has a leading role in modern education and dissemination of new knowledge, groundbreaking research and innovation, and occupies a key position in several academic and industry-related networks and clusters of innovation. The Faculty of Engineering and Science is esteemed for their specialized expertise within the fields of natural science and engineering, and the School of Business and Law is internationally recognized for their market-relevant education and research. 

Through this new partnership agreement, we gain access to invaluable resources, such as unique research units with distinct relevance to our own activities, guidance from highly skilled academic staff, and entry into an extensive collection of professional networks and innovation clusters. This will enable us to further develop the sustainable and innovative business park that we envision, as well as connect with likeminded actors across both public and private sectors. Additionally, this partnership will facilitate knowledge and experience sharing through tailored development programs, collaboration with students through internships and thesis design, and the joint development of new projects.

Our newfound collaboration with the University of Agder comes at an opportune time. We are currently engaged in multiple activities associated with the development of Svåheia Business Park, and we are also actively participating in several European research and innovation projects. By combining our focus on circular value chains and sustainable energy technologies with UiA’s academic expertise and professional networks, we are creating the foundation for numerous mutually beneficial opportunities in the years to come.