Ilustrasjonsbilde for BIP Europe
Illustrative picture for BIP Europe

The BIP was created by the European Commission and it’s an industrial partnership in which policy makers, industry and other stakeholders team up with the goal to support the achievement of the target of 35 billion cubic metres annual production and use of sustainable biomethane by 2030, and to create the preconditions for a further ramp-up of its potential towards 2050. More details can be found here Home - BIP Europe (

SEAS will be involved in the task force 5 - research, development and innovation needs.

In this Task Force 5 we will identify ongoing innovation efforts in biomethane production technology, feedstock collection, grid connection and end-use, and what is needed for innovation to be commercialised. 

Its goals are: 

  • Identification of innovative technologies and operations for: 
  • Identification of barriers for the commercialisation of abovementioned innovative technologies and operations, and formulation of necessary studies, experiments, pilots and demonstration projects to tackle these barriers.

SEAS is partner of  the Horizon Europe project CARBIOW and lessons learned from this project will be useful for the work at BIP Europe.