Bilde viser den geografiske plasseringen av Svåheia Næringspark
Svaaheia Business Park is located in the south-west of Norway, approximately 80 km south of Stavanger

Who we are: Svåheia Eiendom AS (SEAS) is a private company, owned by three local municipalities in the South-West of Norway. SEAS is entrusted by its owners to commercially develop and maintain active ownership of municipal land areas, which led to the creation of Svaaheia Business Park. At SEAS our work is characterised by a strategic focus on EU funded research and innovation, with the aim of incorporating new technologies and solutions as drivers for the sustainable development of Svaaheia Business Park. 

The case competition: We are inviting motivated students with engineering and science backgrounds to participate in a case competition, where the winners are rewarded with a 6-week paid summer position. The case competition, described in detail underneath, serves the purpose of demonstrating your knowledge and competence within the fields of risk and safety assessments in relation to storage and distribution of biofuels. You enter the case competition individually or in teams of two students and participate by submitting a PowerPoint presentation that outlines your answers and recommendations. An internal review board at SEAS will evaluate all submitted presentations, and the top picks will be invited to present their case submission at Svaaheia Business Park. 

The summer position: The winners of the case competition will be awarded with a 6-week paid position at SEAS, where you will actively participate in the Horizon Europe project CARBIOW (Carbon Negative Biofuels from Organic Waste). This project aims to develop a technological system that converts organic waste into carbon negative biofuels for the aviation and maritime sectors, offering a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels. SEAS role in this project is to conduct holistic feasibility studies, develop commercialization and exploitation strategies, and to prepare areas for a pilot plant. As a part of our responsibilities, we must develop a plan for how to safely store, handle and distribute liquid biofuels. You will spend the summer of 2024 working on risk identification and safety assessments for biofuel storage and distribution at Svaaheia, and get the opportunity to present your work at the CARBIOW Conference in September.


Participate in the case competition:

Title: “Safety Assessment of Biofuel Storage and Distribution on-site”

Objective: The competition aims to provide students with a platform to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Participants are asked to assess safety requirements for the storage, handling, and distribution of liquid biofuels, with consideration of market standards and specific regulations. 

Background: The CARBIOW project aims to produce Carbon Negative Biofuels from Organic Waste, a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil fuels. We have developed a Block Flow Diagram which visualizes the whole process of our future plant, from the input of organic waste into the Torrefaction block up to biofuel storage and transport to end users. One issue we must address is ensuring the safe storage and distribution of biofuels, which is imperative to prevent hazards. Your task is to conduct a safety assessment for liquid biofuel storage and distribution systems based on common standards.


Bilde viser et diagram av energi og masseflyten i CARBIOW prosessen
Block flow diagram which visualizes the mass and energy flow of the planned production plant


Guidelines: For this case competition we have established 3 guidelines that we want you to account for in your presentation.

  1. Identify potential hazards for storage, loading, transport, unloading, and internal handling of liquid biofuels. Provide examples of hazards.
  2. Analysis and evaluation of the potential hazards that you have identified.
  3. Provide principles and requirements for the safe handling and storage of liquid biofuels (storage, loading, transport, unloading, and internal handling).



  • Students can choose to submit individually or in teams of two
  • Create a concise 15-minute presentation in PowerPoint format – follow the guidelines
  • Send the presentation, a brief description of yourself and contact information by e-mail, marked “Submission - Student Case Competition 2024” – Send to
  • DEADLINE: 05.05.2024


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Content Accuracy and Relevance
  • Clarity and Structure of Presentation
  • Use of Visuals and Supporting Materials
  • Use of References


Evaluation Process:

  • A jury consisting of SEAS employees will evaluate each submitted presentation following the DEADLINE (05.05.2024)
  • The jury will select which students moves on to the final evaluation, based on evaluation criteria
  • Selected students will receive an invitation to present their submission at Svaaheia Business Park – Sokndalsveien 1165, 4372 Egersund
  • Final Evaluation will be based on presentation given at Svaaheia Business Park
  • Final Evaluation is planned to be held 16.05.2024 (subject to change)



If you have any questions about SEAS, the case competition, or the advertised summer position, please contact Reza Daneshvari at